Hi my name is Alice and I originally hail from sunny California. I moved to England in 2005 and after 15 long years, I have moved back to my beautiful home country to be closer to family. Whilst in England, I worked long hard hours in the legal field and thought this was my life. I have always wanted to run my own business and be my own boss. Fast forward a few years, I got into the fitness industry where I owned my own gym for about 5 years. I loved running my own business and learned so much about it that I knew I never wanted to have a normal 9-5 job ever again. During the COVID pandemic, England locked down in late March 2020 and I was forced to temporarily close my gym. I needed something to do during the lockdown and I have always been creative and artistic and enjoyed working with my hands. I started making lampshades after being inspired how beautiful they can be and how they can change the aura of the room and it accidentally turned into a business. The rest is history. If I am not in my workshop creating beautiful designs, I am mostly walking my two dogs and allowing them to be my helpers.