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Our lampshades are offered in three different shapes and many sizes. This page is to help our customers understand the different sizes and how they are measured. This way, they will choose the correct size for their current lamp base.


The first shape we offer is a drum cylinder. Drum lampshades are very modern and have the same top and bottom diameter. The height varies for each size and can ultimately be customized to be taller or shorter than the standard size offerred.

 Size  Height
6 inch approx 6.5 inches
8 inch approx 8-8.5 inches
10 inch approx 9 inches
12 inch approx 9.5 inches
13 inch approx 10 inches
14 inch approx 10-10.5 inches
16 inch approx 10-10.5 inches
18 inch approx 11 inches



Empire lampshades have a very slight taper to the shape. There is only a 2 inch difference between the top and bottom diameter. Measurements for this shape are as follows:


Empire lampshades are offered in the following sizes:

 Size (top diameter x bottom diameter x height)



Coolie shapes are similar to a cone and there is a big difference between the top and bottom diameter. This shape is a very classic one and a firm favorite with everyone. The measurements are the same as the empire above. Measure at the top diameter x bottom diameter x height.

Coolie shapes are offered in the following sizes:



Types of Fittings

We offer 4 types of fittings:

  • Spider Fittings
  • Euro Fittings
  • Uno Fittings
  • Clip on Fittings

Spider Fittings

The standard fitting used is a spider fitting which will fit a common harp and finial lamp. The drop at the top is usually 1/2 inch and the finial screws into the top to keep the lampshade securely in place. Spider fittings are standard and will always be used unless otherwise requested.

Euro Fittings

Euro/Nord fittings are also available by request only at no extra charge. Euros can be fitted at the top for pendant style shades or towards the bottom to fit around the base of the bulb holder. Please state in your request whether your bulb is upward or downward facing. If not mentioned, it will be assumed the bulb is facing upward.

Uno Fittings 

Uno fittings are also similar to euro/nord fittings in that they can be used for both upward and downward facing bulbs. The diameter measures approximately 1 and 1/4 inches and usually standard for small desk lamps. Please state whether your bulb is facing upward or downward.

Clip on Fittings

Bulb clip on fittings are also available for smaller lampshades in diameters of 6, 8, and 10 inches. Please request this specifically in the notes.