Different Inner Linings for Lampshades

The rise of the handmade products offered globally mean the choice in customization has increased. In order to stay relevant in a somewhat saturated market means that the seller needs to offer more than their competitors to rank higher.

When I started making designer handmade lampshades back in England I only offered the standard white lining. My business at the time was too busy for me to scale and offer more options. When I decided to move back to the USA, I had some time to restructure my business and offer more choices. One of these things was to offer different linings. Besides the standard white, I decided to also offer gold, copper and silver brushed metallic linings for an additional cost. The Americans jumped on this offer and went a bit crazy for the choice.

Gold is the most popular choice, followed by copper, and I am amazed and impressed with my customers choice combinations. However, some of them are surprised if not a little disappointed when they realize that the light will not shine through the actual lampshade with these linings. They are sacrificing one beauty for another beauty, if that makes any sense. The gold and copper will emit a beautiful and radiant warm glow at the top and bottom but because the lining is dark in nature, it will not shine through the actual lampshade. So they will have a beautiful and decorative lampshade with the brushed metallic lining but not enough light for some evening reading.

So, to summarize, these metallic linings are beautiful, high quality and there are some fantastic combination choices with fabrics but beware that the light will not shine through the actual lampshade and that another light source will be needed if you are sitting down to read or watch television.

I am happy to answer any questions here about how to match which lining with which fabric and how to get the best use out of your lampshade.