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William Morris Mini Willow Bough Navy Handmade Lampshade

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This design by William Morris has a miniature pattern of his famous willow bough in a deep navy color and natural brown branches. This design is perfect for the smaller diameter lampshades.

Slight color variations can occur due to different light and filters in photography. If you are unsure about the fabric and if it will match your interiors, I highly recommend purchasing a fabric sample here.

All lampshades have a single seam and rolled edges. Please note that the pattern placement can vary however I try my best to ensure optimal placement each time. The pattern will not always match up at the seam and slight color variations can occur due to different light in photography.

*Please note that this listing is for the lampshade only, and does not include any other items shown in the photograph.


All lampshades are fitted with a standard nickel spider fitting with a 1/2 inch recess at the top. These fit most standard harp & finial lamp bases. I also offer euro, uno and clip on fittings, please either message me or request these specifically in a note with your order.

Euro/Nord fittings fit around the base of the bulb holder and measure 1 9/16” center diameter. Please let us know whether the lamp fitting is a downward or upward facing bulb to ensure the fitting is placed in the right direction.

 Uno fittings also fit around the base of the bulb holder and measure 1 7/16” center diameter. These are common on smaller diameter lampshades up to 10 inch. Please let us know whether the lamp fitting is a downward or upward facing bulb to ensure the fitting is placed in the right direction.

Clip on fittings are available up to an 8 inch diameter.

If there is no special requests with your order a spider fitting for a harp and finial will be used by default.


All lampshades have a finishing choice of white, copper, gold or silver lining.  All lining used is the highest quality pvc styrene material that is flame retardant and have passed all the relevant safety tests.

White lining is the most common and will emit the brightest light through the lampshade. Gold, copper and silver linings will emit decent light but will not actually shine through the lampshade due to the dark nature of the metallic lining.  They all emit a warm radiance from the top and bottom and have a decorative feel to them.

A low watt or LED bulb is highly recommended.


All lampshades are offered in the following shapes and sizes: Drum, Empire and Coolie.


Drum lampshades have the same top and bottom diameter and have a very modern and contemporary feel to them. Drums are available in the following dimensions (please check each individual listing as they vary in sizes offered due to fabric width):

  • 6 inches (approx height 6.5 inches)
  • 8 inches (approx height 8-8.5 inches)
  • 10 inches (approx height 9 inches)
  • 12 inches (approx height 9.5 inches)
  • 14 inches (approx height 10-10.5 inches)
  • 16 inches (approx height 10.5 inches)
  • 18 inches (approx height 11 inches)


Empire lampshades have a slight taper and resemble a bell shape. The difference between the top and bottom diameter is only 2-4 inches. The larger the difference the more apparent the taper. All the sizes below are measured by top diameter x bottom diameter x height.

  • 6x8x6
  • 8x10x8
  • 8x12x10
  • 10x12x10
  • 10x14x12
  • 12x14x12
  • 12x16x12 (certain fabrics only)
  • 14x16x12 (certain fabrics only)


Coolie or cone lampshades have a small top diameter and a larger bottom diameter to create the “cone” shape. Again the sizes below are measured by top diameter x bottom diameter x height. *PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS SHAPE WILL CAUSE PATTERNED FABRIC NOT TO BE SYMMETRICAL DUE TO THE SHAPE OF THE TEMPLATE.

  • 6x12x8
  • 8x16x10
  • 10x18x12 (certain fabrics only)


It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they are purchasing the correct size. Therefore, I recommend measuring your lamp base or your existing lampshade for an optimal fit. I also encourage as many questions as you have prior to purchase as it’s essential to get everything correct. Returns and exchanges, although welcome, can be cumbersome as often times sending lampshades back to me means risking damage whereby they cannot be resold to another customer.


Custom Height

If you do not see the size you want above, I can customize any size above to any HEIGHT up to 12 inches for you at NO EXTRA COST. Anything over 12 inches will incur a $10 surcharge. Please include this add on listing if you want a height beyond 12 inches, the maximum height offered is 16 inches. If you would like to add extra height please select this add on here

Custom Shapes

Please either write a note on your order with your specifications or message me. If you require a size or shape that is not offered as standard, please message me directly. Custom templates are available for a surcharge of $5 here.


All lampshades are handmade to order with love, detail and care in my workshop. They are not pre-made and ready to ship so please allow at least 3-4 weeks for completion and a further 2 days for dispatch by UPS Ground. If you would like your order to be rushed please add this to your cart here.


Returns and exchanges are gladly accepted upon 14 days of receipt. I do not accept returns on customized orders, as they cannot be resold. For example, if the order is for a custom height or size not offered as standard or if sewing multiple pieces of fabric to create a larger diameter. Please contact me for resolution on matters that are not covered here. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. If damage is incurred on return shipping a 30% surcharge will be applied to the refund amount.

I accept order cancellations within 2 hours of purchase.